Bundu Khan About Us

About Us

As he ventured into the food business, Founder Rahim-ud-Din had only one principle: establishing an exceptional and hygienic cuisine that catered to food lovers from around the world. He envisioned quality food outlets that were true representatives of his heritage and culture. With perseverance, dedication and skilled management, Rahim-ud-Din’s dream became a reality, transpiring to become the successfully operated food chain now known as Bundu Khan.

Picking pace in 1992, Bundu Khan is presently recognized as one of the leading food-service providers in the country, satiating the palates of more than 10,000 customers on a daily basis. The food chain prides in using only the best quality ingredients for creating their superior-tasting dishes. Presenting a traditional cuisine with modern influences, Bundu Khan is best known for its Chicken Tikka, Chicken Shashlik, Chicken Kebabs, Handis and Balochi Sajji.

With hard work and commitment, the staff and management at Bundu Khan helped expand the brand all over Pakistan. The workforce lives, breaths and sleeps the food business. They are committed to providing every foodie an unforgettable dining experience, while creating a healthy balance between palatability, nutrition and hygiene. Apart from being champions in the food business, Bundu Khan is also involved in supporting youth sports and charity events. Our nation is our pride, and channeling patriotism through food and encouragement is what the brand stands for.

From one restaurant to a chain of eight, they’re going global. And this is just the beginning. Having excelled in customary sub-continental food, Bundu Khan has recently introduced a variety of mouth-watering sweets to their diverse menu. With the aim of reviving traditional mithai, they use authentic recipes and high-quality ingredients to prepare delicious sweets that will leave you craving for more. A delectable fusion of conventional and modern, Bundu Khan Sweets feature some very interesting items, including Rainbow Qalaqand, Special Chum Chum and Anjeer Dry-fruit Roll.